February 15th All Events

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February 15th, 2008 (February 15 2008)DeathAmnon Netzer, Iranian-Israeli historian (born in 1934)
February 15th, 2008 (February 15 2008)DeathAshley Callie, South African Actress (born in 1976)
February 15th, 2007 (February 15 2007)DeathWalker Edmiston, actor (born in 1926)
February 15th, 2007 (February 15 2007)DeathRay Evans, American songwriter (born in 1915) Evans Quotes
February 15th, 2005 (February 15 2005)EventYouTube, the popular Internet site on which videos may be shared and viewed by others, is launched in the United States.
February 15th, 2005 (February 15 2005)DeathSamuel Francis, American journalist (born in 1947)
February 15th, 2005 (February 15 2005)DeathPierre Bachelet, French singer and songwriter (born in 1944)
February 15th, 2004 (February 15 2004)DeathJens Evensen, Norwegian minister and International Court of Justice judge (born in 1917)
February 15th, 2004 (February 15 2004)DeathJan Miner, American actress (born in 1917)
February 15th, 2003 (February 15 2003)EventProtests against the Iraq war occur in over 600 cities worldwide. It is estimated that between 8 million to 30 million people took part, making this the largest peace demonstration in the history of the world.
February 15th, 2002 (February 15 2002)EventAt the Tri-State Crematory in La Fayette, Georgia, investigators find uncremated bodies disposed of in the woods and buildings on the crematorium s property. The discovery reveals one of the worst incidents of abuse in the funeral service industry.
February 15th, 2002 (February 15 2002)DeathHoward K. Smith, American journalist (born in 1914)
February 15th, 2002 (February 15 2002)DeathKevin Smith, New Zealand actor (born in 1963)Kevin Smith Quotes
February 15th, 2001 (February 15 2001)EventFirst draft of the complete Human Genome is published in Nature
February 15th, 2000 (February 15 2000)EventIndian Point II nuclear power plant in New York State vents a small amount of radioactive steam when a steam generator fails.
February 15th, 1999 (February 15 1999)EventAbdullah Ocalan, leader of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party, widely recognized as terrorist organization), was arrested in Kenya.
February 15th, 1999 (February 15 1999)DeathBig L (Lamont Coleman), American rapper (born in 1974)
February 15th, 1999 (February 15 1999)DeathHenry Way Kendall, American physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1926)
February 15th, 1998 (February 15 1998)DeathLouie Spicolli, American professional wrestler
February 15th, 1996 (February 15 1996)EventMortar attack on the US Embassy in Athens, Greece.
February 15th, 1996 (February 15 1996)EventAt the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China, a Long March 3 rocket, carrying an Intelsat 708, crashes into a rural village after liftoff, killing many people.
February 15th, 1996 (February 15 1996)DeathTommy Rettig, American actor (born in 1941)
February 15th, 1996 (February 15 1996)DeathMcLean Stevenson, American actor (born in 1929)
February 15th, 1996 (February 15 1996)DeathLucio Agostini, Canadian composer and conductor (born in 1913)
February 15th, 1995 (February 15 1995)EventHacking: Kevin Mitnick is arrested by the FBI and charged with breaking into some of the United States most "secure" computer systems.
February 15th, 1992 (February 15 1992)DeathMaria Elena Moyano, Peruvian activist (born in 1960)
February 15th, 1992 (February 15 1992)DeathWilliam Schuman, American composer (born in 1910)
February 15th, 1991 (February 15 1991)EventThe Visegrad Agreement, establishing cooperation to move toward free-market systems, is signed by the leaders of Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland.
February 15th, 1990 (February 15 1990)BirthErwin Sak, Polish footballer
February 15th, 1989 (February 15 1989)EventSoviet Union invasion of Afghanistan: The Soviet Union officially announces that all of its troops have left Afghanistan.
February 15th, 1988 (February 15 1988)BirthHironori Kusano, Japanese Idol
February 15th, 1988 (February 15 1988)DeathRichard Feynman, American physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1918)Richard Feynman Quotes
February 15th, 1986 (February 15 1986)BirthGabriel Paletta, Argentine footballer
February 15th, 1984 (February 15 1984)BirthMeera Jasmine, Indian actress
February 15th, 1984 (February 15 1984)BirthDorota Rabczewska, Polish singer (Virgin)
February 15th, 1984 (February 15 1984)DeathEthel Merman, American singer and actress (born in 1908)
February 15th, 1983 (February 15 1983)BirthRussell Martin, Canadian baseball player
February 15th, 1982 (February 15 1982)EventThe drilling rig Ocean Ranger sinks during a storm off the coast of Newfoundland, killing 84 rig workers.
February 15th, 1982 (February 15 1982)BirthAshley Tesoro, American actress and singer
February 15th, 1981 (February 15 1981)BirthMatt Hoopes, American musician (Relient K)
February 15th, 1981 (February 15 1981)BirthOlivia Longott, American singer
February 15th, 1981 (February 15 1981)BirthDiego Martinez, Mexican footballer
February 15th, 1981 (February 15 1981)BirthJenna Morasca, American model
February 15th, 1981 (February 15 1981)DeathMike Bloomfield, American musician (born in 1943)
February 15th, 1981 (February 15 1981)DeathKarl Richter, German conductor (born in 1926)
February 15th, 1980 (February 15 1980)EventTelevision One and Television Two (formerly South Pacific Television) under the newly formed Television New Zealand goes to air for the first time.
February 15th, 1980 (February 15 1980)BirthConor Oberst, American singer and songwriter (Bright Eyes)Conor Oberst Quotes
February 15th, 1979 (February 15 1979)BirthAlenka Kejzar, Slovenian swimmer
February 15th, 1979 (February 15 1979)BirthJosh Low, English footballer
February 15th, 1979 (February 15 1979)BirthGordon Shedden, Scottish Race Car Driver
February 15th, 1978 (February 15 1978)BirthKimberly Goss, American singer and musician (Sinergy)
February 15th, 1978 (February 15 1978)BirthTuan Le, American poker player
February 15th, 1977 (February 15 1977)BirthBrooks Wackerman, American musician
February 15th, 1976 (February 15 1976)EventThe 1976 Constitution of Cuba is adopted by the national referendum.
February 15th, 1976 (February 15 1976)BirthBrandon Boyd, American musician (Incubus)
February 15th, 1976 (February 15 1976)BirthOscar Freire, Spanish cyclist
February 15th, 1976 (February 15 1976)BirthRonnie Vannucci Jr., American musician (The Killers)
February 15th, 1975 (February 15 1975)BirthSerge Aubin, Canadian hockey player
February 15th, 1975 (February 15 1975)BirthBrendon Small, American comedian and animator
February 15th, 1974 (February 15 1974)BirthMiranda July, American performance artist
February 15th, 1974 (February 15 1974)BirthGina Lynn, American porn actress
February 15th, 1974 (February 15 1974)BirthTomi Putaansuu, Finnish singer (Lordi)
February 15th, 1974 (February 15 1974)BirthSeattle Slew, American racehorse (died in 2002)
February 15th, 1974 (February 15 1974)BirthUgueth Urbina, Venezuelan Major League Baseball player
February 15th, 1974 (February 15 1974)BirthAlexander Wurz, Austrian race car driver
February 15th, 1974 (February 15 1974)DeathKurt Atterberg, Swedish composer (born in 1887)
February 15th, 1973 (February 15 1973)BirthKaterina Neumannova, Czech cross country skier
February 15th, 1973 (February 15 1973)BirthAmy Van Dyken, American swimmer
February 15th, 1973 (February 15 1973)BirthSarah Wynter, Australian actress
February 15th, 1973 (February 15 1973)BirthAlex Borstein, American actress and animator
February 15th, 1973 (February 15 1973)DeathWally Cox, American actor (born in 1924)
February 15th, 1973 (February 15 1973)DeathTim Holt, American actor (born in 1919)
February 15th, 1972 (February 15 1972)EventSound recordings are granted U.S. federal copyright protection for the first time.
February 15th, 1972 (February 15 1972)BirthJaromir Jagr, Czech hockey player
February 15th, 1971 (February 15 1971)EventDecimalisation of British coinage is completed on Decimal Day.
February 15th, 1971 (February 15 1971)BirthRenee O Connor, American actress and director
February 15th, 1971 (February 15 1971)BirthRay Sefo, New Zealand kick boxer
February 15th, 1971 (February 15 1971)DeathDimitrios Loundras, Greek gymnast (born in 1885)
February 15th, 1970 (February 15 1970)EventA Dominican DC-9 crashes into the sea during takeoff from Santo Domingo, killing 102.
February 15th, 1970 (February 15 1970)BirthCraig Gass, American impressionist and comedian
February 15th, 1970 (February 15 1970)DeathAir Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, commander of RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain (born in 1882)
February 15th, 1969 (February 15 1969)BirthJosh Marshall, American journalist
February 15th, 1969 (February 15 1969)BirthBryan Williams, American record executive and rapper
February 15th, 1968 (February 15 1968)BirthAxelle Red, Belgian singer and songwriter
February 15th, 1968 (February 15 1968)BirthMieke Suys, Belgian triathlete
February 15th, 1967 (February 15 1967)BirthJane Child, Canadian musician
February 15th, 1967 (February 15 1967)BirthKelley Menighan Hensley, American actress
February 15th, 1966 (February 15 1966)DeathGerard Ciolek, Polish architect and historian of gardens (born in 1909)
February 15th, 1965 (February 15 1965)EventA new red-and-white maple leaf design is adopted as the flag of Canada, replacing the old Canadian Red Ensign banner.
February 15th, 1965 (February 15 1965)DeathNat King Cole, American singer and musician (born in 1919)
February 15th, 1964 (February 15 1964)BirthChris Farley, American actor and comedian (died in 1997)
February 15th, 1964 (February 15 1964)DeathRobert L. Thornton, American businessman, philanthropist, and Mayor of Dallas, Texas (born in 1880)
February 15th, 1961 (February 15 1961)EventSabena Flight 548 crashes in Belgium, killing 73, with the entire US Figure Skating team, several coaches and family.
February 15th, 1960 (February 15 1960)BirthMikey Craig, British musician (Culture Club)
February 15th, 1960 (February 15 1960)BirthDarrell Green, American football player
February 15th, 1959 (February 15 1959)BirthAli Campbell, British singer and songwriter (UB40)
February 15th, 1959 (February 15 1959)BirthBrian Propp, Canadian hockey player
February 15th, 1959 (February 15 1959)BirthHugo Savinovich, Ecuadorian wrestler
February 15th, 1959 (February 15 1959)DeathOwen Willans Richardson, British physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1879)
February 15th, 1958 (February 15 1958)BirthChrystine Brouillet, Quebec novelist
February 15th, 1957 (February 15 1957)BirthJimmy Spencer, American race car driver
February 15th, 1957 (February 15 1957)BirthSteve Farhood, American boxing historian and analyst
February 15th, 1956 (February 15 1956)BirthHitoshi Ogawa, Japanese racing driver (died in 1992)
February 15th, 1955 (February 15 1955)BirthChristopher McDonald, American actor
February 15th, 1955 (February 15 1955)BirthJanice Dickinson, American Ex-Supermodel
February 15th, 1954 (February 15 1954)BirthMatt Groening, American cartoonistMatt Groening Quotes
February 15th, 1954 (February 15 1954)BirthArmand Parmentier, Belgian athlete
February 15th, 1953 (February 15 1953)EventSeventeen-year-old Tenley Albright becomes the first American to win the world figure skating championship.
February 15th, 1953 (February 15 1953)BirthTony Adams, Irish film producer (died in 2005)
February 15th, 1952 (February 15 1952)EventKing George VI is buried in St. George s Chapel at Windsor Castle.
February 15th, 1951 (February 15 1951)BirthMelissa Manchester, American singer
February 15th, 1951 (February 15 1951)BirthJane Seymour, British actress
February 15th, 1950 (February 15 1950)EventThe Soviet Union and the People s Republic of China sign a mutual defense treaty.
February 15th, 1950 (February 15 1950)BirthHark Tsui, Hong Kong film director
February 15th, 1949 (February 15 1949)BirthKen Anderson, American football player
February 15th, 1949 (February 15 1949)BirthHans Graf, Austrian conductor
February 15th, 1948 (February 15 1948)BirthRon Cey, American baseball player
February 15th, 1948 (February 15 1948)BirthArt Spiegelman, American cartoonist
February 15th, 1947 (February 15 1947)BirthJohn Coolidge Adams, American composerJohn Adams Quotes
February 15th, 1947 (February 15 1947)BirthMarisa Berenson, American actress
February 15th, 1947 (February 15 1947)BirthDavid Brown, American musician (Santana) (died in 2000)
February 15th, 1947 (February 15 1947)BirthRusty Hamer, American actor (died in 1990)
February 15th, 1946 (February 15 1946)EventENIAC (for "Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer"), the first general-purpose electronic computer, is unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania.
February 15th, 1946 (February 15 1946)BirthEsko Seppanen, Finnish politician
February 15th, 1945 (February 15 1945)BirthJohn Helliwell, British musician (Supertramp)
February 15th, 1945 (February 15 1945)BirthDouglas Hofstadter, American academic and writer
February 15th, 1944 (February 15 1944)EventWorld War II: The assault on Monte Cassino, Italy, begins.
February 15th, 1944 (February 15 1944)BirthMick Avory, British drummer (The Kinks)
February 15th, 1942 (February 15 1942)EventWorld War II: The Fall of Singapore. Following an assault by Japanese forces, the British General Arthur Percival surrenders. About 80,000 Indian, United Kingdom and Australian soldiers become prisoners of war, the largest surrender of British-led military personnel in history. The Sook Ching massacre begins.
February 15th, 1941 (February 15 1941)BirthFlorinda Bolkan, Brazilian actress
February 15th, 1941 (February 15 1941)BirthBrian Holland, American songwriter and producer
February 15th, 1940 (February 15 1940)BirthJohn Hadl, American football player
February 15th, 1940 (February 15 1940)BirthHamzah Haz, Indonesian politician
February 15th, 1939 (February 15 1939)BirthOle Ellefs?ter, Norwegian cross-country skier
February 15th, 1939 (February 15 1939)DeathKuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Russian painter (born in 1878)
February 15th, 1937 (February 15 1937)BirthGregory Mcdonald, American author
February 15th, 1935 (February 15 1935)BirthSusan Brownmiller, American feminist and writer
February 15th, 1935 (February 15 1935)BirthRoger Chaffee, astronaut (died in 1967)
February 15th, 1935 (February 15 1935)BirthGene Hickerson, American football player
February 15th, 1934 (February 15 1934)BirthGraham Kennedy, Australian actor (died in 2005)
February 15th, 1934 (February 15 1934)BirthNiklaus Wirth, Swiss computer scientist
February 15th, 1933 (February 15 1933)EventIn Miami, Florida, Giuseppe Zangara attempts to assassinate President-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt, but instead shoots Chicago, Illinois Mayor Anton J. Cermak, who dies of his wounds on March 6, 1933.
February 15th, 1932 (February 15 1932)DeathMinnie Maddern Fiske, American actress (born in 1865)
February 15th, 1931 (February 15 1931)BirthClaire Bloom, British actress
February 15th, 1931 (February 15 1931)BirthGeoff Edwards, American television game show host
February 15th, 1930 (February 15 1930)BirthNico Minardos, American actor
February 15th, 1929 (February 15 1929)BirthGraham Hill, English race care driver (died in 1975)
February 15th, 1929 (February 15 1929)BirthJames Schlesinger, American politician
February 15th, 1928 (February 15 1928)DeathH. H. Asquith, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (born in 1852)
February 15th, 1927 (February 15 1927)BirthHarvey Korman, American actor and comedian (died in 2008)
February 15th, 1923 (February 15 1923)BirthYelena Bonner, Russian human rights activist, widow of Andrei SakharovYelena Bonner Quotes
February 15th, 1922 (February 15 1922)BirthJohn Bayard Anderson, American politician
February 15th, 1921 (February 15 1921)BirthRadha Krishna Choudhary, Indian historian and writer (died in 1985)
February 15th, 1920 (February 15 1920)BirthEndicott Peabody, 62nd Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1997)
February 15th, 1918 (February 15 1918)BirthAllan Arbus, American actor
February 15th, 1918 (February 15 1918)BirthHank Locklin, American country music singer and songwriter
February 15th, 1916 (February 15 1916)BirthMary Jane Croft, American actress (died in 1999)
February 15th, 1914 (February 15 1914)BirthHale Boggs, American politician (died in 1972)
February 15th, 1914 (February 15 1914)BirthKevin McCarthy, American actor
February 15th, 1913 (February 15 1913)BirthErich Eliskases, Austrian chess player (died in 1997)
February 15th, 1911 (February 15 1911)BirthLeonard Woodcock, American labor union official and diplomat (died in 2001)
February 15th, 1911 (February 15 1911)DeathTheodor Escherich, German pediatrician (born in 1859)
February 15th, 1910 (February 15 1910)EventThe Boy Scouts of America is founded.
February 15th, 1910 (February 15 1910)BirthIrena Sendler, Polish social worker (died in 2008)
February 15th, 1909 (February 15 1909)BirthMiep Gies, Dutch biographer of Anne FrankAnne Frank Quotes
February 15th, 1909 (February 15 1909)BirthGuillermo Gorostiza Paredes, Spanish footballer (died in 1966)
February 15th, 1908 (February 15 1908)BirthSarto Fournier, Quebec politician (died in 1980)
February 15th, 1907 (February 15 1907)BirthJean Langlais, French composer and organist (died in 1991)
February 15th, 1907 (February 15 1907)BirthCesar Romero, American actor (died in 1994)
February 15th, 1906 (February 15 1906)EventThe British Labour Party is organised.
February 15th, 1905 (February 15 1905)BirthHarold Arlen, American composer (died in 1986)
February 15th, 1904 (February 15 1904)BirthAntonin Magne, French cyclist (died in 1983)
February 15th, 1899 (February 15 1899)BirthGeorges Auric, French composer (died in 1983)
February 15th, 1899 (February 15 1899)BirthGale Sondergaard, American actress (died in 1985)
February 15th, 1898 (February 15 1898)EventSpanish-American War: The USS Maine explodes and sinks in Havana harbor in Cuba, killing more than 260. This event leads the United States to declare war on Spain.
February 15th, 1898 (February 15 1898)BirthToto, Italian actor and composer (died in 1967)
February 15th, 1898 (February 15 1898)BirthAllen Woodring, American runner (died in 1982)
February 15th, 1896 (February 15 1896)BirthArthur Shields, Irish actor (died in 1970)
February 15th, 1895 (February 15 1895)BirthEarl Thomson, Canadian athlete (died in 1971)
February 15th, 1893 (February 15 1893)BirthWalter Donaldson, American songwriter (died in 1947)
February 15th, 1892 (February 15 1892)BirthJames Forrestal, United States Secretary of Defense (died in 1949)
February 15th, 1891 (February 15 1891)EventAIK is founded at Biblioteksgatan 8 in Stockholm by Isidor Behrens.
February 15th, 1890 (February 15 1890)BirthRobert Ley, Nazi official (died in 1945)Robert Ley Quotes
February 15th, 1883 (February 15 1883)BirthSax Rohmer, English author (died in 1959)Sax Rohmer Quotes
February 15th, 1882 (February 15 1882)BirthJohn Barrymore, American actor (died in 1942)
February 15th, 1879 (February 15 1879)EventWomen s rights: American President Rutherford B. Hayes signs a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court of the United States.Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes
February 15th, 1877 (February 15 1877)BirthLouis Renault, French automobile executive (died in 1944)
February 15th, 1874 (February 15 1874)BirthSir Ernest Shackleton, British explorer (died in 1922)
February 15th, 1873 (February 15 1873)BirthHans von Euler-Chelpin, German chemist, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1964)
February 15th, 1869 (February 15 1869)DeathMirza Ghalib, Indian poet (born in 1796)
February 15th, 1862 (February 15 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: General Ulysses S. Grant attacks Fort Donelson, Tennessee.Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
February 15th, 1861 (February 15 1861)BirthCharles Edouard Guillaume, French physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1938)
February 15th, 1861 (February 15 1861)BirthAlfred North Whitehead, English mathematician and philosopher (died in 1947)Alfred North Whitehead Quotes
February 15th, 1857 (February 15 1857)DeathMikhail Glinka, Russian composer (born in 1804)
February 15th, 1856 (February 15 1856)BirthEmil Kraepelin, German psychiatrist (died in 1926)
February 15th, 1852 (February 15 1852)EventGreat Ormond St Hospital for Sick Children, London, admits its first patient.
February 15th, 1849 (February 15 1849)DeathPierre Francois Verhulst, Belgian mathematician (born in 1804)
February 15th, 1848 (February 15 1848)DeathHermann von Boyen, Prussian field marshal (born in 1771)
February 15th, 1847 (February 15 1847)BirthRobert Fuchs, Austrian composer (died in 1927)
February 15th, 1847 (February 15 1847)DeathGerminal Pierre Dandelin, Belgian mathematician (born in 1794)
February 15th, 1845 (February 15 1845)BirthElihu Root, American statesman, Nobel Prize Laureate (died in 1937)
February 15th, 1844 (February 15 1844)DeathHenry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (born in 1757)
February 15th, 1843 (February 15 1843)DeathTheodoros Kolokotronis, Greek general in the Greek War of Independence (born in 1770)
February 15th, 1841 (February 15 1841)BirthManoel Ferraz de Campos Salles, Brazilian politician (died in 1913)
February 15th, 1839 (February 15 1839)DeathChevalier de Lorimier, Quebec notary and Patriote (born in 1803)
February 15th, 1835 (February 15 1835)BirthDemetrius Vikelas, Greek author (died in 1908)
February 15th, 1835 (February 15 1835)DeathHenry Hunt, British politician (born in 1773)
February 15th, 1825 (February 15 1825)BirthCarter Harrison, Sr., American politician (died in 1893)
February 15th, 1820 (February 15 1820)BirthSusan B. Anthony, American suffragist (died in 1906)Susan B. Anthony Quotes
February 15th, 1818 (February 15 1818)DeathFriedrich Ludwig, Furst zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Prussian general (born in 1746)
February 15th, 1812 (February 15 1812)BirthCharles Lewis Tiffany, American jeweler (died in 1902)
February 15th, 1809 (February 15 1809)BirthCyrus McCormick, American inventor (died in 1884)
February 15th, 1809 (February 15 1809)BirthAndre Dumont, Belgian geologist (died in 1857)
February 15th, 1805 (February 15 1805)EventHarmony Society is officially formed.
February 15th, 1781 (February 15 1781)DeathGotthold Ephraim Lessing, German author and philosopher (born in 1729) Philo Quotes
February 15th, 1775 (February 15 1775)DeathPeter Dens, Flemish Catholic theologian (born in 1690)
February 15th, 1764 (February 15 1764)EventThe city of St. Louis, Missouri is established.
February 15th, 1759 (February 15 1759)BirthFriedrich August Wolf, German archaeologist (died in 1824)
February 15th, 1748 (February 15 1748)BirthJeremy Bentham, English philosopher (died in 1832) Philo Quotes
February 15th, 1739 (February 15 1739)BirthAlexandre-Theodore Brongniart, French architect (died in 1813)
February 15th, 1738 (February 15 1738)DeathMatthias Braun, Czech sculptor (born in 1684)
February 15th, 1734 (February 15 1734)BirthWilliam Stacy, Continental Army officer, and pioneer to the Ohio Country (died in 1802)
February 15th, 1725 (February 15 1725)BirthAbraham Clark, American founding father (died in 1794) Abraham Quotes
February 15th, 1710 (February 15 1710)BirthKing Louis XV of France (died in 1774)
February 15th, 1705 (February 15 1705)BirthCharles-Andre van Loo, French painter (died in 1765)
February 15th, 1637 (February 15 1637)EventFerdinand III becomes Holy Roman Emperor.
February 15th, 1637 (February 15 1637)DeathFerdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1578)
February 15th, 1621 (February 15 1621)DeathMichael Praetorius, German composer (born in 1571)
February 15th, 1620 (February 15 1620)BirthFrancois Charpentier, French archaeologist (died in 1702)
February 15th, 1571 (February 15 1571)BirthMichael Praetorius, German composer (died in 1621)
February 15th, 1564 (February 15 1564)BirthGalileo Galilei, Italian astronomer and physicist (died in 1642)Galileo Galilei Quotes
February 15th, 1471 (February 15 1471)BirthPiero di Lorenzo de Medici, ruler of Florence (died in 1503)
February 15th, 1458 (February 15 1458)BirthIvan the Young, Ruler of Tver (died in 1490)
February 15th, 1145 (February 15 1145)DeathPope Lucius II
February 15th, 0590 (February 15 0590)EventKhosrau II is crowned as king of Persia

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